Humanity’s last hope

The story is standing for the struggle of the humanity to survive in a world which has become ever more hostile towards them. The humanity has poisoned the earth by recklessly draining all the natural resources.

At some point in the near future we can no longer survive on mother earth and have to move on. Sadly, by this behaviour, we are very much comparable to viruses invading and destroying its host until moving on to the next host.

In this story we will, in a desperate final attempt, send our last spaceships to head out on an uncertain quest to migrate to the next fertile planet somewhere far away. These spaceships are like the arcs of Noah and contain, in some form, the base to build up a new colony.

In the story we will never really be sure what exactly this cargo ship transports but we can guess that it’s life from earth, be it in the form of gene pools, embryos or a selection of fertile humans in cryosleep.

All we know is that these ships are heading somewhere and that this is the humanity’s last hope.

In the story the spaceship is pretty much operating itself except for a small crew composed of pilots, engineers and scientists. Only unforeseen events require the intervention of the crew, otherwise the crew stays in cryosleep in order to use the least resources possible during their several years long voyage through the space.

We've got a problem

The plot starts when an engineer is woken up by an alarm because he has to get outside the ship and fix a technical problem. His superior Captain Sanchez is already outside. Sanchez is a bit of a mysterious person as she is never properly introduced and doesn’t talk much. The fact that she is very formal and short sentenced might be because of the strict ranking and the bad radio connection, but we will find out that there is a different reason. The engineer, called Lieutenant Schweiger, will move to the solar panels with the help of a little robotic-console, connected by a supply cable. After having arrived at the panels Schweiger would slowly notice the size of the problem.

Time is running out

Strangely he cannot move on as his robotic transportation help all of the sudden refuses to continue. On a display we see “Priority-Initiated Override”. Somebody or something obviously doesn’t want him to continue. Schweiger cuts the supply-connection knowing that there will be only very limited emergency energy left. From now on every wrong move can be deadly. Running out of time he has to jump through the slowly moving solar panels to join Sanchez. As he had to rush, his jump in zero gravity was not very precise and he almost floats past the front part of the ship. Luckily he gets hold on a last grip, otherwise he would have been lost forever.

Panicking even more Schweiger tries to open the Commando hatch. He is trying to save himself, even though there seems to be no obvious place to go. Maybe fleeing to the new promised land, leaving the cargo behind, keeping the little energy left to assure his selfish journey. Schweiger is no hero but a human like you and me trying to save himself, whether it makes sense or not. Again something is preventing him from opening the door to the inside.

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